Stunning and spacious barn set in the beautiful Norfolk countryside

Seamans are proud to have worked on Long House in Cockthorpe – a superb, spacious house in the beautiful Norfolk countryside you can stay in yourself.

The building, designed by Sir Michael and Lady Patty Hopkins, follows the proportions of a traditional Norfolk barn.

Its imposing front flint wall supports a series of clerestory windows that extend along the entire length of the house.

However, the true complexity of the design becomes apparent on entering the building.

It features an open plan ground floor area with a spiral staircase leading to a landing.

This landing runs the entire perimeter of the central core, providing an open vaulted area which serves four double bedrooms on the first floor.

An attractive courtyard separates the main house from a self-contained annex, providing an additional double-bedroom and ensuite facilities.

The internal walls are finished with ash faced plywood panelling with a white stucco finish, with the majority of floor space finished with tiles.

Heating is supplied by a ground source heat pump via underfloor heating on the ground floor, and radiators on the first floor.

Heat recovery ventilation helps with the economic running of the property.

Large, glazed sliding doors give easy access to two semi-enclosed courtyards to the east and west of the house.

The building’s upper gallery allows extensive view of the surrounding countryside, including exceptional views over the salt marshes and creeks of the North Sea coast.

The building was constructed for Living Architecture, a not-for-profit holiday home rental company giving families the chance to stay in architecturally impressive domestic properties across the UK.

It’s incredible holiday homes include another Seamans build, the eye-catching Balancing Barn in Thorington.

Duncan Haydon, Managing Director at Seamans, said: “Long House was a fantastic property to work on, adding to Living Architecture’s already stellar line-up of architecturally stunning holiday homes to let.

“The building combines the traditional look of a Norfolk barn with the latest in architectural design, with a stunning modern finish.

“I’m sure anyone staying at the property will have a holiday of a lifetime.”

Photography credit: © Jack Hobhouse