X marks the spot – Suffolk primary school pupils bury time capsule

Pupils at Suffolk primary school have buried a time capsule – and have been given an ‘X marks the spot’ map to find it in years to come.

Children from Elveden Church of England Primary Academy’s History Club joined the team at Seamans Building this week to bury the capsule under one of the school’s new classrooms.

Site manager Neil Honeyball, from Seamans, removed a section of the floor so the capsule could be buried underneath.

Neil said: “It was a brilliant event – the children loved the idea of burying a piece of history that will be unearthed by following generations.

“They have had a great time taking part in the project and have learned a lot about their school in the process.

“We will be providing the school with a ‘X marks the spot’ map the school will keep in their archives so they can find it in the future.”

Seamans Building are working to expand two existing classrooms at the school and relocate the existing staff room, providing additional space for more pupils.

The time capsule includes information on the history of the school and Elveden Estate, as well as pictures of the school buildings, teachers and members of staff and information about royal visits.

Headteacher Lorna Rourke said: ““The children really loved creating the time capsule.

“They got the chance to trawl through our archive to find out about the history of the school and picked out pieces they thought would be interesting to whoever opened it in the future.

“It has been really exciting, thinking who would open this in years to come.

“We even included QR codes that link to videos the children have made – hopefully they will still be able to use that technology in the future.

“For the children, looking through our history has been fascinating.

“Some of their parents and grandparents came to the school so they have really enjoyed looking back through the archives.”

Elveden Primary Academy ‘Historical Club’.