Company Responsibility

Seamans Building is committed to fulfilling its corporate responsibility to its employees and clients.

Our reputation within the building industry is for unparalleled standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our skilled and highly trained team of craftsmen and professionals working within each of the company’s departments, work tirelessly to maintain this reputation.

Seamans Building has consciously developed a successful health and safety culture throughout the company, which has been implemented across all worksites, systems and in the planning of projects including management of plant and machinery.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and as part of our family ethos, Seamans Building are fully committed to training. We believe that by nurturing graduates, apprentices, and craftsmen we can ensure that the quality of traditional skills and values are protected for future generations.

Mental Health pledge

We are pleased to support the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity “Help Inside the Hard Hat” movement.“The staggering statistic that two construction workers take their own lives every working day is a concern for the sector and something that cannot be ignored.
“The image of the Construction Industry sector is changing, and Seamans Building are proud to stand alongside other organisations in support of this vital campaign.

“We hope it raises awareness of this important issue and helps people in being able to talk openly and honestly about mental health.”

– Ben Whatling, Production Director