Bury Town Trust

11 High Baxter Street

Week 1

We began the alteration and repair of 11 High Baxter Street on 5th October 2020, with establishing the site set up and the investigation and safe isolation of the supplies to the rear extensions.

Week 2

Following the demolition of the extensions and the careful removal of the low level render to the chimney and the rear of the property, we discovered the old bressumer which would have supported the brickwork above the fireplace opening in the adjacent terrace to 11 High Baxter Street.  This also exposed a section of rotten soleplate and the historic repairs to each corner at the rear of the property where it would have joined the neighbouring terraced properties.

Week 3

The scaffolding to the rear of the property was erected at the beginning of the week enabling further investigation of the timber structure.  The drainage was also investigated and tested.

Week 4

The scaffold was erected to the remaining 3 elevations, enabling us to start removing the render at high level.  This exposed the original window opening showing signs of timber decay and insert attack.

Week 5

This week saw the removal of all the external render and the structure wrapped for its protection.  The chimney was shored up with supporting scaffolding to alleviate the threat of its collapse.