Why opt for a house conversion?

House conversions are one of the big growth areas of construction – they give your home a completely new look, and they are a comparatively straightforward and inexpensive way of improving your property.

Seamans Building are building contractors based near Bury St Edmunds. Here we look at some of the key advantages of opting for a conversion rather than an extension or a complete rebuild.


It Makes Better Use of the Available Space

Many homes have spaces which aren’t being used to their fullest potential. For instance, many homes have lofts, attics or basements which can all be converted into additional living spaces without the need to build an extension.

Garages are often used as a dumping ground for garden and DIY-related clutter. If  you have a driveway or a guaranteed parking space outside your home then a garage can usually be converted into an extra bedroom.

Assuming you live in a home which has more than one storey, what about the wasted space beneath your staircase? This can easily be converted into a downstairs cloakroom, which will be particularly useful to any members of your family who aren’t particularly mobile.


You Don’t Lose Any Room

Extensions can be an attractive idea – a less invasive solution, in contrast to a conversion – but do you want to lose a chunk of your valuable garden or outdoor space to make room for it (assuming you have enough to make such a project feasible in the first place)?

Conversions can also free up space elsewhere in your home. For instance, creating an extra bedroom in the loft or basement means you can have a games or hobbies room in what was the guest bedroom.


The Financial Factors

Although much will depend on the original structure of the property being renovated, conversions can work out much cheaper than building a new extension (or moving house altogether). It’s not just the cost of the work – remember you are generally making use of existing walls and fittings – but the additional planning expenses could be avoided.

Loft conversions, for instance, are classified as ‘permitted development’, provided the work does not exceed certain specified limits (for instance, any new roofing should not add more than 40m3 of space for terraced houses, or 50m3 on detached and semi-detached houses. Provided these regulations are adhered to, the conversions will not need planning permission (and all the time and money that is required to put in an application).

Think, If you were to convert part of your property into a fitness suite or a games room, of the time you’ll save , more time to get Fit!


They Add Value

This is a long-term benefit which only really kicks in when you decide to move. Increasing your home’s floor area should  increase the property value.

In the case of garage conversions, for instance, estate agents Portico estimate that converting your car’s ‘home’ into an office, gym, games room or additional bedroom can add as much as 15% to the value of your home. It doesn’t just have to be a garage conversion – any unused space, once converted, can attract would-be buyers.


Conversion Projects with Seamans, Building Contractors near Bury St Edmunds

As a leading home developer based in Suffolk, Seamans Building have many years of experience in home conversion projects throughout the county. Even if your building is listed, we’ll make sure you comply with any relevant Building Regulations.

Whether you want to make more use of a garage, loft, basement, attic or any other space inside your home, we offer a complete service, project managing the whole work from start to finish. We will work in partnership with architects, surveyors and engineers to ensure your work is completed to the very highest of standards.

If you would like to know more about our home conversion work, you can call us on 01359 230 430; full contact details of all our various departments can be found by following this link.