Seamans’ solar panels reach energy generating milestone

Seamans Building is proud to have reached a big environmental milestone – having generated enough energy with our solar panels to meet the electric bills of more than 170 homes for a year.

As a construction company, we know we have a responsibility to help protect the environment in any way we can, so 12 years ago we had solar panels installed at our headquarters in Thurston.

Here, Glenn King, our Environmental Champion, reflects on reaching this milestone, and how important it is that companies like ours do our bit to help the environment.

Clean, renewable energy

Our solar panels have graced the roof of our head office at Prospect House since 2011.

Since then, every time the sun has shone we have been generating clean, renewable energy.

We haven’t really paid much attention to the panels since they were installed – they have quietly been generating electricity in the background.

However, last week, after a cursory glance at the panels’ electricity meter, we realised we had hit the 500,000 kilowatt hour mark, or 0.5 gigawatt hours (GWh).

What can 0.5 GWh power?

After some quick Googling, we realised 0.5 GWh is enough electricity to meet the electricity needs of more than 170 homes for a year – which, as a housebuilder ourselves, is heartwarming to hear.

We worked out this would power an electric Tesla S car for 1.7 million miles, and would boil enough kettles to make 16 million cups of tea.

It has also reminded me of Back to the Future – where Doc Brown exclaims he needs 1.21 gigawatts to get the DeLorean to travel through time.

Seeing the dial turn to 0.5 GWh got me thinking – we’re almost halfway to powering our own flux capacitor!

Why it is important for businesses to play their part

Seamans are determined to play a role in protecting the environment and tackling the climate crisis.

If our solar panels have generated 0.5GWh of electricity since they were installed, imagine how much energy could be generated if more companies had them.

Seamans have committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and have already reduced our total CO2 emissions by 21.5% since 2011.

This has been achieved through fitting speed limiters to our vans, the introduction of hybrid and full electric company cars, the renewal of vans with more fuel-efficient replacements and the replacement of stores lighting with energy efficient LEDS – to name but a few.

We have also introduced paperless systems in the office, use rainwater harvesting for vehicle washing and energy monitoring of all our heating systems.

On top of this, we are proud members of the Suffolk Carbon Charter and support Suffolk County Council’s Creating the Greenest County initiative.

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