‘No limit’ to Luke’s potential thanks to Seamans apprenticeship

Management Trainee Luke Schartau said there is ‘no limit’ to where he can go thanks to his ongoing apprenticeship with Seamans.

Speaking as part of Learning at Work Week, 18-year-old Luke said his apprenticeship will unlock doors to every area in the construction industry.

Luke joined us in August 2023 while still studying for his Level 2 BTEC in Engineering from Suffolk One – initially coming in one day a week, which will extend to four come July.

He will also spend one day a week at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford to complete his degree apprenticeship in Construction Management.

Luke said: “I’ve been here for 10 months now – I’m really enjoying it and it’s been very beneficial.

“Everyone here is so supportive and is happy to help me with any question I have.

“My dad works in construction and I got the initial idea of joining the industry from him, but it wasn’t until I started studying engineering at college that I realised how much I wanted to get into it.

“My work so far has mostly been on the pre-construction side of things – I like the behind the scenes role and seeing that clear journey from a project bid to completion.

“I’ll be rotating what I do throughout the apprenticeship and I’m looking forward to getting out on site to learn more about what goes on.”

Luke added the rotation and flexibility an apprenticeship with Seamans offers is “hugely” beneficial to his education.

He said: “There are plenty more steps to go along the way, but I know this apprenticeship is really going to help me in my career. The beauty of it is in that rotation, giving me more skills and more of an idea as to what I want to get in to.

“There is no limit to where I can go and I’m enjoying taking it one step at a time.”

Mark Reason, Pre-Construction Director at Seamans, said: “Luke has already proven to be a huge asset to the company.

“He has a great aptitude for learning and has contributed in harnessing new software to supplement our work winning strategy.

“We look forward to helping Luke reach his potential, through supporting him with his studies and providing a structured training plan and experience in the workplace.”

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