It’s the small things that make the difference in construction

Construction projects can often impress simply with their sheer size and scale – but it can be the finer details that really make the difference.

From a well put together oak joint to a flawless finish on an outside wall, these small details show off not only a craftsperson’s skill but also their commitment to perfection.

Here, Ben Whatling, Special Works Director at Seamans, looks at how crucial the small things are to a successful construction project.

Details matter

It’s the details that make a difference.  It is important to appreciate the bigger picture, but you must never loose sight of the details.

We are fortunate enough to work on a large variety of projects but one thing that remains the same is our desire to provide a quality approach in all aspects of our work.

Standing back and looking at what we have completed on a project and the efforts that are made in achieving the finer details is what makes this role rewarding, both from a point of view of the end product but also in acknowledging the tradespeople who have completed the work.

A job well done

We believe that quality should already be expected but it does takes a lot of work and skill to get right – from sourcing the best materials to ensuring the finished product matches the customer’s expectations.

At the root of it is problem solving.

In many cases, particularly period restoration works, you may not know how everything is assembled.  There are things you unearth as the project progresses, it is working with this information and trying to ensure an integral approach that leads to a job well done.

It takes an experienced team to solve these problems and to work out the best way to get the job done, and to make sure it is done right.

We have worked hard to get the right skill set in our own workforce and supply chain and at Seamans Building, we take huge pride in the quality of our finished product.

Seeing a project to completion, walking around the site and seeing everything has been finished to the best possible standard is hugely satisfying.

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